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Tiny Sideways Cross Necklace

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SKU #153 18SS – Charm 3

This tiny sideways cross necklace in sterling silver is part of our and makes for a wonderful ! On this tiny sideways cross necklace, a sterling silver sideways cross charm hangs on an 18" sterling silver chain.

But, what does a sideways cross mean?

When the trend of these sideways cross necklaces began to appear, many people were concerned with the orientation of the cross, thinking that it might be offensive. Since the cross is a respected symbol in the Christian faith, the original sideways cross necklace meaning was that it was disrespectful: the Christian cross should only be depicted in its vertical position.

However, many people see this sideways cross trend as a new and unique way to showcase their faith in the modern age. It is now seen as an artistic way to understand faith. Other people also enjoy this necklace and do not necessarily associate the cross charm with any religious or symbolic elements.

No matter the sideways cross meaning to you, you can be sure that this is a very meaningful necklace item that any wearer will be sure to cherish.

* Each necklace is custom made to order! *

All of our products are unique. If you have any queries about Tiny Sideways Cross Necklace feel free to get in contact by sending an email to - we look forward to hearing from you. :)

Inventory Last Updated: Dec 04, 2020