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New Storeline UK branded ActiveWear

New Storeline UK branded ActiveWear

Savoy Active Promotional Video:

View the collection here.

Storeline UK has partnered with the high quality, Italian based, Savoy Active, using the international Modalyst network, to sell their products in the UK at an ultra low cost to the consumer. As always all our product prices include tax and shipping so there is no extra charges at checkout.

Storeline UK ActiveWear T Shirt with packaging
Product shown is the Short Sleeve Shirt in Black, available here.

This also means that activewear products arrive in branded packaging with matching labels. These labels show the Storeline UK logo, which means that the supplier complies with our Storeline UK Promise, which you can read at the bottom of any page on this site. This symbol represents the quality, high standards and attention to detail we enforce on our suppliers so that we can provide a much better and more ethical experience than other major retailers.

All products on our website should now arrive within 14 days at no extra cost, this is a major improvement from the 30 day delivery from our old service, AliExpress, which we started moving away from in June. We no longer sell any products through the AliExpress network because we found that they did not meet the strict standards we set, for both product quality and for the humane treatment of staff, which is why we no longer work with them. Hopefully the major improvements we’ve made since our launch in June are noticeable, both through the online and offline experience. If there’s anything we could do to improve the experience, please send your suggestions to

View the collection here.

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