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Important Updates: COVID-19 / Coronavirus

Important Updates: COVID-19 / Coronavirus

All services are operational.

While the Corona Virus is not having an impact on any Storeline UK services, it is important that you understand what's happening so that you can continue to use our site confidently.

Remember that;

  • Shipping is free to the US, UK and EU, to learn more click here.
  • Storeline UK uses dropshipping, this means that we are not limited by supply and can order in as many products as they are needed as they are made to order. We have a large group of independent suppliers that are continuing to fulfill orders.
  • There is no need to panic buy products, it just increases demand, forces suppliers to make more, and therefore increases the price.
  • We aim to deliver all products within 14 days as per the Storeline UK Promise and Shipping policy. Whilst we don't anticipate that there will be any delay to order fulfillment, it is possible that mail services might take slightly longer to fulfill your order, if that's the case, you can track your shipment here or if you need anything else please feel free to contact support.
  • Suppliers will ensure that the stock levels shown on the website up to date and accurate. If the suppliers are unable to fulfill specific products then they will be shown as "Sold Out". We would never authorize a transaction if it is unable to be fulfilled.
    Product page showing "Sold Out" instead of the standard "Add to Basket" button.
    It will also show in the collection page as "Sold Out".
    "Sold Out" Collection page product tile.
    Our suppliers regularly monitor inventory levels and if they are unable to fulfill any orders then the affected products will be shown as "Sold Out".
  • All products are created in safe and clean environments. The corona virus only lives on hard surfaces for less than 3 days, and not at all on packaging, this means that, it is impossible for the virus to be transferred through online orders. It is safer to order products on our site than it is to go to real life stores.
    We understand that it can be difficult to manage money and buy items while the Corona Virus restrictions are in effect. We are offering all our customers 10% off any products on our site when you use the code COVID19 at checkout.


If you feel stressed, tired, anxious, etc. don't shop online or in store. When it comes to grocery shopping, wait until you feel calmer and prepare a list before you go shopping. There's no need to buy lots of long shelf life products like rice, just buy what you would normally, like a pizza. There's no need to stock up completely because shops and takeaways are remaining open and will continue to be well stocked. There is lots of supply, as long as people don't massively increase the demand.

If you think that you, or someone you know might have the Corona Virus, it is important that you follow the instructions on this page:
ou can read government guidance, the effect this will have on you, your business and your family here:

Be aware that, panic and stress will be the hardest part of this process for most people and will therefore be having the largest influence on our customers. This is an area that is massively overlooked, however there is support available. Try calming techniques and support services:

Headspace are offering free meditation to support those affected by the Corona virus:

Childline: (Free counselling for under 18's) 

Samaritans: (Suicide prevention)

You might also find specific groups useful on platforms like Facebook. For example, you can find groups specific to an interest, disability, etc. and it can help to share some of the anxiety and issues that you're facing. If you have friends and family then you might want to use services like FaceTime, Skype, Alexa, to keep in touch. And you can continue to interact with these people in online communities such as Roblox and Discord.

If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch:
elephone: +44 330 043 1357
storelineuk on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

You can also get in touch by leaving a comment below but please bear in mind that these comments are public and therefore can be seen by anyone.

Please do not post personal or identifying information in comments on blogs or in social media. For information on scams and how you can protect yourself, take a look at this page:

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